Damon De Ionno

Owner, Managing Director and Head of Strategy

  • Strategy & innovation expert
  • Specialist in marketing, design & communication
  • Lead on analysis & new product development

Damon has worked in cutting-edge creative and research agencies for almost 20 years. He brings a huge amount of experience and energy to the Revealing Reality team in his role as Managing Director.

As a strategic thinker, Damon has helped a vast array of clients to innovate across a wide range of sectors and subject areas – from informing the design of new healthcare products and digital services, through to the re-imagining of brand experiences and government policies. His approach combines clear, logic-based thinking with creative flair, a passion for positive change, and genuine honesty.

Damon is rarely happy with how things are, and is disruptive by nature – always looking for ways to make things better – whether that’s research, organisations, spaces, processes, services, products, technology or people. You’ll want him on your team if you are tackling complex issues, in need of new ideas, or require a strong, committed partner to help make change happen.