Graduate Role: Business Management
Sophy Luce

This is a role for someone who is looking for the opportunity to progress and find their niche in our exciting and influential business.

Not figured out what you want to do with your career but know you have some valuable skills and a good attitude?

Want to learn how to run a successful business and see yourself as a future leader in business?

Motivated about working with inspiring people and making a positive change in the world?

All our team felt this way when they joined, and by working across the entire business, they have all found and are thriving in a range of specialisms, from operations and communications to business development, people management and finance. It’s now time for us to invest in another motivated and ambitious graduate not to replace anyone but to expand the team.

This role is not your typical grad job with a narrow criteria for what you can learn and grown into. This job is completely flexible.

You will be a part of a close-knit operations team of 4—all of whom have found their niche within the business. Some are working on the commercial and strategic side of the business, some are innovating around systems and processes, some are ensuring that our research outputs have impact in the world, and some are winning new projects and clients for us.

You will have the opportunity to learn quickly about all these specialisms. How you progress, and which area of the business you get to focus on, is up to you.

Alongside helping to manage and grow an exciting business – you will be contributing to making a genuine positive change to some of the UK’s toughest problems. Revealing Reality is an industry leading social research agency, we realise you may not know much about who we are, but we are the people who:

  • Ensure isolated people—from young people with learning disabilities through to middle-aged men at risk of suicide—are properly supported and connected within their local communities
  • Are helping shape the UK’s approach to migration and asylum through research with service users across the world
  • Inform the government’s strategy on protecting children online by exploring teens’ experiences of watching porn or sending nudes
  • Are transforming the spectator experience of international football tournaments, from the World Cup to the Euros

We influence policymakers, designers and strategists. Our work is diverse, spanning health, media and technology, environmental policy, financial capability and beyond.

In this role, you will work works alongside our world-class researchers and our clients across government, charities and the private sector.  Whilst our researchers are focused on delivering successful projects – the operations team is looking at the bigger picture asking questions such as ‘where is the company going?’ ‘What projects do we want to aim for?, ‘How can we be commercially successful whilst still achieving our social goals?’.

From day one you will be learning quickly about all our systems (HR, finance, research processes) and helping to run them. From there, you will start contributing to other key parts of our business (research, business development, comms). The rest will be decided as you grow and develop!

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is a creative problem solver
  • Is a self-starter
  • Is enthusiastic and a genuine ‘people person’
  • Has an analytical mind
  • Has a commercial mindset
  • Is actively interested in current affairs

How to apply

Please note, this role is office-based, so only apply if you would like to work in the office full-time.

We are looking for candidates who can start ASAP.  The salary starts at £22,000 with the opportunity for rapid progression based on performance.

We have not set an application deadline as we will only fill the role when we find the right candidate. We review applications on a rolling basis and will get in touch shortly with next steps.  At the time of starting their employment, the successful candidate must have permission to work in the UK.

To apply, please email attaching your CV and Covering Letter.

To strengthen your application please demonstrate how your life experience gained to date is relevant to this role, what you can offer and why you would like to work for Revealing Reality.

You can hear from our current operations team—specialising in a wide range of roles—below:

Ops Team, 6 years

Since I’ve joined the company, it’s almost tripled in size, thrived in a pandemic and broken new ground in thought leadership in areas that didn’t really exist when I first started (e.g. protecting children online via ethical digital design). I’ve grown alongside the company – and one of the best things about working here is that you really do get out what you put in. There’s no ‘ceiling’ to break through or ‘end point’. I’ve always valued our flat structure – from day one if I had a new idea about the business, I could go straight to the MD to talk about how to make it happen.

I’ve learnt how to run a small business—which has meant now I work on the consultancy side, where I’m able to bring a different perspective on how to approach a solution and understanding client strategy.

Ops Team, 2 years

When I came out of university, I knew I wanted to help run a business, but I didn’t really know where to look or how to decide where I should go. But when I saw Revealing Reality’s focus on a friendly culture and a company that genuinely cared about you as an individual I was hooked. I’ve been given so much opportunity in the time I’ve been here, much more than my friends in other similar roles. I’ve been involved in finances, marketing and communications, office management, recruitment, HR and writing bids for new projects to work on. The breadth of role is of great importance to me- I always feel like I’m taking on new responsibilities and adapting to new challenges, especially in the current climate.

Ops Team, 5 years

When I applied for an operations role at Revealing Reality I had very little idea of what I wanted to do. As an English grad I at least knew I wanted to utilise my writing skills, but I was also determined find a job where the work was genuinely interesting, had a positive impact on the world and provided opportunities for learning and growth – qualities I was really struggling to find in any of the organisations I was applying for at the time!

From the get-go it was clear I’d found those qualities here. Starting off in an operations role I was able to quickly pursue my interests and explore new-found talents. I was encouraged to take responsibility for the comms outputs of the business, get involved in bid writing for new work—which involves tackling a huge range of complex research problems, such as how to measure online wellbeing through to how to engage non-English speaking migrants—and eventually oversee quality of written outputs for projects.

During my time here I’ve helped to produce and launch reports to inspire country-wide change, spoken to people from all walks of life – from asylum seekers to aphasia sufferers – and, most importantly, learnt about issues, individuals and organisations that you wouldn’t get the opportunity to learn about in any other sector or workplace.

This role is not your typical grad job. You won’t be on a grad scheme with a very narrow criteria of what you will learn and grown in. This job is completely flexible – you will get the opportunity to learn quickly about a range of specialisms – from operations and communications, to business development and finance.  It will then be up to you to prove how you want to specialise and grow within our business.