Collaborative Innovation Identifying good practice and inspiring change

Gamble Aware

The report, Responsible Gambling: Collaborative Innovation, Identifying Good Practice and Inspiring Change, is a culmination of our extensive work with Gamble Aware, and is designed to offer a new vision for responsible gambling for the industry.

This project represented a pioneering collaboration between the UK gambling industry, key stakeholders, independent social researchers, industry experts and innovators. Its aim was to not only build on the wealth of research conducted to date, but to bring together industry operators to foster a cooperative environment through which good practice could be identified, along with opportunities for innovation.

Throughout this process, the industry has highlighted that more could be done to effectively implement responsible gambling measures. Their continued collaboration during the primary research phase of the project is demonstrable of this; overall granting us access to over 30 gambling venues and allowing us to interview over 90 staff members.

We collectively identified multiple examples of good practice across operators, who were keen also to share strategies and techniques with others. However, despite this evidence, many were falling short of effective implementation of responsible gambling measures, potentially to the detriment of customer well-being.

The shortcomings flagged by our research have been cited as a wakeup call for the industry, who claim themselves to be ready for this kind of maturity, and to fully utilise the opportunities that this research process has crafted.