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Vulnerable consumers often benefit from services and organisations knowing about their specific needs. However, firms rarely share vulnerability data with each other, so struggle to identify customers who may need more support.

Obvious concerns around the attitudes of customers towards data sharing have so far prevented this from being a possibility.

We found that the more vulnerable consumers are in fact the most open to data sharing, and are keen for companies to overcome the current barriers that are stopping it from happening. So it’s vital that this initial fear is addressed and overcome, in order for the path to be cleared for those who really need it.

So how can we support firms to share data in a way that both benefits and is acceptable to consumers?

We’ve been working with the UKRN to help solve this problem. Conducting research with customers and sharing our findings with service providers to move the conversation forward.

We found that there is an appetite on all levels for this issue to be resolved and for effective data sharing practices to be put in motion. Things can be improved and people’s lives can be made better – it is up to those who can facilitate change to ensure that this opportunity is not missed.

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