Rebecca Evans


  • Award-winning editor with a background in specialist journalism
  • Highly skilled communicator
  • Experience across a range of sectors

Rebecca joined Revealing Reality after almost 20 years as a journalist and editor. She uses her editorial and communication expertise to maximise the quality of Revealing Reality’s written deliverables and wider communication.

She also supports clients who wish to communicate their research to the rest of their organisation, external stakeholders or the media.

Having worked on specialist titles across health policy, housing, construction and local government, Rebecca instinctively understands how to adapt content, style and delivery to maximise engagement with a particular audience.

As an editor, she was not only responsible for news, features and comment, but for transforming digital engagement, creating content-led alternatives to traditional advertising, and launching and growing successful events. In 2014 she won the British Society of Magazine Editors’ award for business editor of the year.

With a degree in sociology and a strong interest in policy underpinning her journalistic career, Rebecca is a believer in the transformational power of story-telling.