Thinking & theory (internal title: “Sunburst”)

We pride ourselves on the quality of the data we generate about people’s lives.

But to really understand human behaviour, you need to relate it to established knowledge: using existing theoretical frameworks to identify patterns, diagnose challenges, and pinpoint opportunities for change.

We’re proud of the breadth of our team’s expertise. Whereas other agencies may specialise in behavioural economics, we don’t limit ourselves to one way of thinking about the world. We take inspiration from the fields of psychology, anthropology, history, politics, sociology, economics . . .

This allows us to quickly identify the most productive way of analysing a topic – providing us with robust frameworks for developing and testing hypotheses. It also gives us a ready-made language for the principles at play; saving us the headache of inventing new jargon unnecessarily.

Use the graphic below to explore some of the different disciplines we use to inspire our work.