People & Projects Co-ordinator  
Sophy Luce



This is a role for someone who is looking for the opportunity to progress and find their niche in our exciting and influential business. 

Maybe you don’t exactly know what you want to do right now but you are intelligent, with good natural people skills and problem-solving capabilities. You also know that you are willing to invest time today to reap rewards in the future.  

Today you get to join our fantastic operations team and use your strengths to work on projects focussed on people; across culture, recruitment, development, resourcing,  events and more – all key areas that drive and enable the success of our growing company. However, you are someone who will equally have your eye on ‘tomorrow’ knowing that you have the initiative and ambition to seize opportunities that this business can offer you in the, not so distant, future.  



This role joins a current team of four; it’s our Business Operations team and it really is at the heart of the business. The team works alongside our world-class researchers and our clients across government, charities and the private sector.  Whilst our researchers are focused on delivering successful projects – the operations team is looking at the bigger picture asking questions such as ‘where is the company going?’ ‘What projects do we want to aim for?, ‘ how can we foster a great and successful working culture?’ ‘How can we be commercially successful whilst still achieving our social goals?’. Alongside working closely with your team members, you will be also be working with our Managing Director, leadership team and HR Partner.  

There is structure to this role and to begin with it will focus on the people side of the business, covering all areas of culture, recruitment, onboarding, personal development, finance, training and events. 

Once you have mastered the role basics, we’d expect you to progress to more complex people management, resource management across 30+ projects, project management oversight,  and increased involvement in supporting the leadership team and helping shape the culture of the business. 

At all times we would expect that you demonstrate a positive attitude and the enthusiasm to help enable the continuous growth of a young company. 

This role is not your typical grad job with a narrow criteria for what you can learn and grown into. These are our suggestions on how you develop, but there is always the opportunity to develop in other ways (Eg. research, business development or comms) if you realise you are passionate about something! Ultimately, how you progress, and which area of the business you get to focus on, is up to you. 

Above all, we are looking for someone who  

  • Is a creative problem solver 
  • Is a self-starter 
  • Is enthusiastic and a genuine ‘people person’ 
  • Has an analytical mind 
  • Has a commercial mindset 
  • Is actively interested in current affairs  


How to apply

Please note, this role is office-based, so only apply if you would like to work in the office full-time.

To apply, upload both you CV and Cover Letter, without both your application will not be considered. To strengthen your application please demonstrate how your life experience gained to date is relevant to this role, what you can offer and why you would like to work for Revealing Reality.

We are looking for candidates who can start ASAP. The salary starts at £22,000 with the opportunity for rapid increase based on performance. It is a lower starting salary, but we invest heavily in our staff and want to first make sure you are committed and right for the role. You’ll be rewarded based on capability, drive and what you deliver, not time spent here, which means there is the opportunity to progress incredibly quickly. If you do well, there is the prospect of a pay rise of up to 25% in the first three to six months.

We have not set an application deadline as we will only fill the role when we find the right candidate. We review applications on a rolling basis and will get in touch shortly with next steps. At the time of starting their employment, the successful candidate must have permission to work in the UK.

Many thanks for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you.