Data Scientist / Data Analyst / Quantitative Researcher
Katie Freeland

Fast-paced and growing, our business is all about creating a learning environment, where bright-minded people thrive and get to do some of the best work of their career. We have a forward-thinking and innovative leadership team and an enviable client base that value the commitment and output of our work.


The Opportunity

We are not the average Quantitative Research Department.

For us, quantitative research isn’t about churning out tracking surveys or those annoying “rate your experience” pop-ups after every transaction. It’s about any data we can analyse quantitatively, and the closer that data is to real behaviours, the better. So while we do regularly conduct more “traditional” surveys, we also create pioneering new data collection approaches and work with clients to identify other data types we can measure that tells us what people are really doing. It’s this reason that being pragmatic and open to new ideas is central to this role.

In general, the way we work is like this:

  • We won’t suggest quant if there’s something else that will do the job better
  • We are well aware of the limits of many quantitative techniques, and want to ensure our clients understand these too
  • Wherever possible, our aim should always be to collect data that goes beyond simply what people say
  • Quantitative – and qualitative – research are both just tools to help us solve problems and create change for our clients


We are looking for a like-minded individual who has a passion for social change and is also motivated by challenging the norm, not to mention ultimately using their expertise to make an impact, change policy and influence decision-making across a range of sectors.

This is a totally new position in our growing Quant Team, so there is huge scope for someone to shape, grow and influence the way their role develops over time. Ultimately, however, we are looking for someone who can bring technical experience and a practical knowledge of applied statistical methods to a range of research projects.


More About the Role

It may seem confusing that the title above mentions three job-roles (Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Quantitative Researcher), however, that is a good guide as to the likely day-to-day nature of the job in reality. You’ll be required to draw on different skills and work in different ways depending on the project, client and data in question.

This means we’re looking for someone that is equally as comfortable with their head in the data as they are explaining it to others. Whilst this flexibility is important – we don’t expect applicants to be experienced in everything we’re looking for (we’re not looking for the moon on a stick) – the most important thing is a willingness to learn and a desire to be good at the areas of the job you might not know so well yet (and a self-awareness and humility to admit what these are).

One area of practical skill / training that we are very keen on is around statistics. Would you be comfortable doing a power calculation to work out sample sizes for an RCT? Would you be able to perform a factor analysis? If the answer isn’t a yes to both of those, you should probably stop reading here.


We are not prescribing what level this role sits at – it’s about finding the right person – and, as such, we’re not specifying a salary (yes, we know that’s frustrating!). Therefore, we see a few potential routes in:

  • Perhaps you’re a statistics / maths graduate who’s looking for their first job?
  • You could still be in academia, working as a researcher, but looking to move somewhere a bit more fast-paced…
  • Maybe you’re in the data / marketing sciences team in a large research agency and looking to change to somewhere where you can have a wider role and have more impact?
  • Or, you could work in data / statistics in a slightly different sector…

To give you a better idea of some typical tasks you might undertake, we’ve put together the following list (which is not exhaustive):

  • Designing questionnaires and scripting them in survey software
  • Analysing data and creating data tables in Excel / SPSS
  • Thinking about a client’s problem and recommending a statistical design that could be used as an element of the research (e.g. a Max Diff experiment)
  • Writing proposals for new work
  • Putting together debrief presentations and reports including graphs, prose and other visualisations
  • Working with the qual team on recruitment screening questionnaires
  • Developing a code-frame to capture and then describe live and video-recorded observational data
  • Finding and analysing secondary data sources
  • Designing a Randomised Control Trial

Ultimately, someone who is highly numerate, imaginative and with a “can-do” attitude will excel. If that sounds like you then please do apply – whatever stage of your career you’re at – as we’d love to meet you.


Person Specification – About You

Ideally you are someone who:

  • Is not just looking for your next job. You want to help shape your career by doing as much great work as they can – work that is both interesting and challenging
  • (Desirable but not essential) has a Post-secondary degree, preferably in psychology, social sciences or statistics
  • (Desirable but not essential) has 2-4 years of prior experience working with Quantitative Methodologies in a research agency (and with a social and/or behavioural science interest)
  • Has a natural aptitude for critical thinking and project management
  • Demonstrates excellent problem-solving ability, with the self-motivation and enthusiasm to learn and develop proactively
  • Analyses issues logically and from all angles, making systematic and rational judgements based on relevant information, and generates logical, timely and workable solutions
  • Is a skilled communicator who can translate research in a way that is accessible to diverse audiences
  • Is experienced at handling statistical software packages such as SPSS or SAS as well as being an expert in Excel (and no slouch at PowerPoint or Word either)
  • Relishes actively participating in proposal development, report writing, questionnaire design and sample selection
  • Is inquisitive about people’s behaviour
  • Possesses strong attention to detail
  • Interacts and sometimes challenges clients on the executional nature of project
  • Is excited and motivated by the challenge to help grow the team and ultimately business
  • Has an ability to work independently, as well as in a team, and exhibit flexibility in terms of job responsibilities
  • Is able to stay energetic and positive particularly when under pressure meeting deadlines
  • Enjoys working with a team, and understands that you can’t do great work on your own


As a business with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, we are committed to rewarding people for being proactive in furthering their skills and responsibilities; so, we see huge scope for career growth in the near future and this role can easily develop in accordance with your own ambitions and the business requirements

We balance our commitment to work with a commitment to looking after our people, offering perks including free daily breakfast, Friday night drinks, yoga, strength training, socials, as many books as you can read, film, photography and book clubs.


The people that do well at Revealing Reality

While the role will be in the Quantitative Team, ultimately, we are one big team, and the people that do well here – regardless of their specialist area – are those who are curious and want to learn, are hungry for opportunity and will question why they are doing things in a certain way.

  • Naturally want to find solutions to problems and have a roll-up your sleeves attitude
  • Our business is full of bright, motivated and ambitious people but there is no place here for arrogance. The people that thrive are ones that take ownership of their own development, learn by trying and often by making mistakes
  • Are those that are looking for a career not just a job, relish being challenged and encouraged to think innovatively
  • Get their drive and energy from operating at a fast pace and thrive on solving problems in an evolving environment.
  • Those that act with confidence and integrity – we promote a high-performance culture, but where the ability to instil trust is mandatory.
  • Have a desire to add value to the business; showing initiative to develop professional skills and be rewarded for their efforts
  • Demonstrate outstanding interpersonal skills, an ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with a wide range of both colleagues and clients
  • Are able to communicate effectively with excellent written and verbal skills
  • Enjoy working independently, but strongly value team work – we have a strong team culture here and the people who exhibit adaptability and flexibility within their job responsibilities and who are determined to drive change, tend to thrive the most.
  • Appreciate that being computer literate is a necessity and develop an excellent knowledge of smartphones, MS Office, incl. Word, Excel and PowerPoint


How to Apply

We are looking at candidates who care that this next move is very important to them, to both stretch their thinking and for developing their careers.

To apply, please email attaching your CV and covering letter (please attach both documents separately to the main body of the email). We would like you to outline your qualifications and previous work experience and why you think this role is right for you.

We thrive on diversity and thank everyone who applies, however, just to make you aware, we will only usually contact those who are short-listed for an interview.

[Please note we are unable to provide visa sponsorship. Only those with the right to work in the UK for the foreseeable future should apply]

Many thanks for your interest