So much more to storytelling

Most production companies tell their clients to use film to “boost sales” or “generate likes”. One website I stumbled on recently even says that ‘video can explain everything’! We believe that there is so much more to storytelling than this.

Revealing Reality Productions was originally established to enhance what award-winning research agency Revealing Reality offered clients. We wanted to find more authentic, emotionally engaging ways of chronicling the people and places behind groundbreaking research insights. With this experience, we are now able to offer a standalone video production service with the aim of communicating really powerful stories.

Understanding what clients really need and the impact film can have can be a challenge. For many, commissioning film is still a relatively new experience so helping clients envisage what they can get out of it is essential. We make sure clients understand the process and the range of films available (short-documentaries, training, promotional, etc.).

Perhaps the topic is multi-layered or anonymity is important: understanding context and ethics is another benefit of being embedded into a research agency. We help clients consider questions such as:

  • What is the right story for my intended audience?
  • How do we make it memorable?

We then craft films with emotion, knowledge and the strongest stories – not just to ‘cut through the noise’.

Our advanced filming techniques continue to bring new perspectives to Revealing Reality’s research. We’ve recently invested in new 4k cameras, gimbals and drones (including CAA permits for commercial operation) to bring higher quality, more cinematic footage to our technical productions.

We are able to offer full pre and post-production services, including concept design, storyboarding, scripting, copywriting, editing, colour grading and animation. We are continually looking to innovate, not afraid to experiment with 360 video and virtual reality to tell meaningful stories – technologies we know not only have the ability to enhance the authenticity behind our stories and filmmaking but also transform the way audiences see the lives of people and the places we capture.

Whether it’s editing selfie clips or producing short-form documentaries, we continue to pride ourselves on identifying the details others may miss, gaining access to challenging environments and people who are hard-to-reach, and telling those more complex stories.

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