Connect 2.0 Launch

We’re thrilled to announce that the latest version of our data sharing platform, Connect, is now live.

The new iteration represents the culmination of a fantastic first year of use, which has seen the platform become an integral part of how we – and many of our clients – design, manage and utilise qualitative data.

Developed in-house to help our clients better unlock the value of rich qualitative data, Connect marks a step-change in our ability to capture remote ethnographic data from respondents – while empowering researchers and clients to organise and share data with ever greater immediacy and flexibility.

In its first year of use, the platform has connected 188 clients to over 848 respondents, with more than 4689 videos and 17,205 images uploaded. It’s been pivotal to many successful projects – whether helping designers at the BBC engage with the evolving trends and attitudes of underserved audiences, or supporting stakeholders across Arthritis Research UK to better understand the everyday needs of people living with Arthritis.

The new version builds on all the qualities that our clients and researchers have found most useful to date – while adding new features and capabilities in response to suggestions. It’s even faster, more intuitive and more beautiful than Connect 1.0.

For a demo, or to understand more about how Connect can transform how insight is used within your organisation, please email


Watch the film at the top of the Connect Online page.